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CoronaVirus: We Care for your Safety, Pamdrive

Jun 15, 2020

Public health officials have been urging everyone to prepare -- not panic -- for the new coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). Those calls took on added urgency as news of the first case of the virus was reported here in Nigeria. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself right now:

Dos and Don'ts for Everyone.

+ Wash your hands for at least several times a day. Use soap and water or a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
+ Wash your hands before cooking
+ Wash your hands after using the bathroom
+ Wash your hands after sneezing and coughing
+ Keep up to 2 meters with anyone having cold or flu-like symptoms.
+ Learn, monitor and report if any flu-like if you experience any (Fever, Cough, Shortness Breath)
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-- Don't touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you have somehow come into contact with the virus, touching your face will facilitate infection.
-- Reduce/stop handshake and direct contact with the public especially with anyone having cold or flu-like symptoms.
-- Don't expose yourself to public gathering especially with public buses, carpooling, public taxi with anyone or people having cold or flu-like symptoms
-- Do not use a surgical mask unless you have the symptoms mentioned above. Masks make the most sense for preventing infected people from spreading the virus, but they are not necessary for protecting the healthy.

We all hope that the outbreak ends soon, both in China and the rest of the world. But if you follow these simple precautions, you should be a safer, cleaner person.

We will continue to provide you with safe, affordable and pleasant rides.

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