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How To Make N100k – N120k Monthly with Your Car Without Driving

Oct 30, 2020

Do you have a car that you want to register with Pamdrive in order to make extra income, but you don’t want to drive it yourself? We understand!

You can partner with Pamdrive by registering the car on our platform and hire a driver from our pool of trained drivers who can handle your car with care and make weekly/monthly returns to you.



It is as simple as taking these 4 steps below


1. Create a partner account (registration)

sign up as a Pamdrive partner by clicking on this link http://pamdrive.com/partners

2. Proceed to add your car details and take the car for inspection at any of our approved inspection centers closest to you

Be aware that If your car does not meet our specifications or fail to pass inspection test, you can’t proceed.

You can read up on our acceptable car specifications https://www.pamdrive.com/car-specification and also check out the inspection centers in your city that is closest to you.

3. Pay a token fee for Service charge

You will be required to pay a token as service charge to register your car and access our pool of drivers.

4. Interview and hire a driver

Once done with the registration process, you will be given access to select a driver of your choice, interview, agree on weekly or monthly remittance and hire.

Note: You have to click “HIRE" to complete the hiring process. Failure to do this exempt Pamdrive from any responsibility that may arise from your offline transaction with the driver.



How Much Will I Be Paid by My Driver

Pamdrive does not interfere with the amount agreed as remittance between the partner and the driver. We recommend you agree with the driver an amount you deem fair to you. Usually it is between N70k to N120k per month as maybe applicable in your city.


How do I track how much my driver makes?

At the moment, you cannot track the amount your driver makes, but we are working hard to develop an app that will help partners track their driver’s earnings. However, agreeing on a fixed weekly/monthly remittance with your driver would be a good fit.


Can I pull out my car whenever I want?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is inform your driver about when you intend pulling out your car. Then login to your portal and UNHIRE the driver.


What if I want to add additional vehicle as a partner?

To have multiple vehicles listed on your account, follow the below guide to do that.

1. Open your dashboard.

2. Click on the “+Add Car” tab to add required info for the vehicle you wish to add.

3. Take the vehicle for inspection.

4. Interview and hire a driver for the new vehicle.