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April 2016, our first ever public flyer

April 2016, our first ever public flyer.
I never knew what and how a flyer should look like, we were giving people this flyer and they were asking what are you into, what do you people do?
I am like, can you read it and understand we are a taxi booking company, we got angry and almost short down the 6 digits public campaign we were doing, but naaa, we continued.
Today, with continuous improvement, we have moved and become better.
Pamdrive, proudly Nigerian. THIS NA OUR OWN

Our Location

  • Address: #3 Nwankpa Close, off Okporo Road, by Artillery Junction, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Phone: +2348099904442, +2348099904443
  • E-mail: pamdriveinfo@pannaga.com