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Act 1. Scene 1. Mr. Jude (Not real Name) just got retrenched from his job and he has a nice 2007 Toyota Camry, he can't just drive it around as a cab man to get income to sustain his family, he needs money, that is where Pamdrive comes in to create a conducive healthy system to help you make more money with your cab as a professional driver.

Act 1 Scene 2. Mrs. Sola love driving as well as making extra income, stuck with a car her husband gave to her before leaving the country, now she like to make an extra healthy income and she doesn't know what to and how to go about it. She wished there is cab company she can just join and get extra money for the herself.

Act 1 Scene 3. Mr. Tony, has No car, but has been driving for company for some time, he understand the city routes, he has done some driving training, and understand perfectly the road signs and rules. He has a wife and two kids. He was released from his last job due to current economic situation.

1. Do you have a car that meets our car specification and it is packed in the house and you want to drive it yourself.

2. Are you already driving a car as taxi man in town and need extra jobs to meet up with.

3. Do you want to make extra income and you know how to drive but you don't have any car.

All drivers on our Platform are called Pamdriver (PamdriveR), abbreviated to PDR, all our drivers are trained and retrained over and over time to make sure they understand the Pamdrive culture and the Pamdrive ethics of operation.

Come drive with us or drive for us today and understand that driving is fun and come with good income.

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