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Mr. Gbenga (Not real name) has two cars (one 2006 Camry, and one 2009 Hyundai Accent), they've been packed for long and he actually needs to make extra income to be able to sponsor his children to school, and one other person is in Australia and he is interested to invest back home to be able to provide for the needs of family members in Nigeria. They suddenly heard of Pamdrive Taxi booking company and Partnership through the internet or by referrals.... These are real situation events on our platform. Do you have a car parked somewhere, or you just want to make extra income why you continue your job or you are interested to invest in Pamdrive.

We take cars that meet our Car specifications and provide drivers for you while we help you to manage them, and you will get a scheduled report and your money in your account. We solve problem and provide that very platform with our high technology to help you make more money by turning your car into a money making machine.

1. Make between N150,000 to N300,000 as balance after all deductions
2. 100% full car monitoring. Your car only goes for jobs.
3. Get a scheduled report and details of your car trips.
4. We provide professional drivers to drive your car carefully.
5. Trust and transparency is fully guaranteed. We have the technology to do it.

Partnership Requirement
1. A Car that meets our Car Specifications.
2. An Android Phone for driver's Use, see Phone Specifications.
3. Comprehensive Insurance Package for your car (Optional).
4. Optional provision of a driver, we also provide if needed.
5. We charge same % as for Pamdrivers while you take care of other needs to drive your car.

Modus operandi
1. Call/Email our office Contact for further details and enquiry, you can send us an email to
2. To find out what kind of cars we take, please click here: Pamdrive Basic Car specifications.